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Manage your customers

It’s easy to add and maintain your customers. Contact details, birthdays, medical notes, discounts, even a photo if you’d like. Add custom fields to suit your business and use custom tags to easily group and filter your customers.

Access customers' invoice history, attendance rate and enrolment history. Send statement of accounts and know exactly who has paid what and when - no more awkward conversations.

customer list with tags and balances

Time-saving invoicing features

Generate invoices at the click of a button and automatically apply discounts, then conveniently send them out by email. Membermeister produces professional invoices and online payment pages, complete with your details and logo.

Print any invoices that cannot be sent. Invoice one-off items including uniforms, exam fees and costumes in bulk. No more issuing invoices one by one!

Get paid on time, every time

Be Covid-ready with track & trace

Our industry-leading track and trace reports are built right into membermeister and have been since the early days of the pandemic.

Based on your student's enrolment and attendance information you can quickly pull up a report to determine who may have been in contact with whom over what timeframe and use membermeister's built-in messaging features to contact them if required.

With membermeister you will take a huge step towards track and trace compliance and adhering to the latest guidance.

Easily track and trace positive Covid cases

Thank goodness for membermeister - it is like having an extra pair of hands to help with your admin. I would 100% recommend!

Sarah Clements, Principal, Unlimited Dance Company
Sarah Clements
Principal, Unlimited Dance Company
membermeister customer since 2016

Payments - how many have you missed in the past?

This may sound like a stretch but logging payments and knowing who paid what, when and how can be quite therapeutic. You no longer need to worry about missibg a payment, chasing a customer unnecessarily whilst at the same time knowing for sure when someone is stretching that due date a bit too far.

Sending a friendly reminder through membermeister is child's play and will only take a few seconds - yes, even if you're dealing with a lot of late payers. One thing is for sure - they'll soon know that you mean business and once that reminder hits their inbox they're very likely to take action.

Access all your data in one place

Accounts statements - beautifully branded

How much more professional will your business come across once you start sending personal, branded account statements to customers that request it? They'll be able to see exactly what was charged and when, and how much they still owe for what.

Those awkward and sometimes embarrassing conversations will be a thing of the past.

Registers & Attendance

Instantly have your registers to hand, and give the teachers access only to the ones they need. Use the quick toggle button to mark your class attendance. Check at a glance which students may have any medical needs, allergies or injuries.

You can even create and print custom paper registers - if you're still into that sort of thing 😉

Customer communication is a breeze

You can email your customers in minutes with any information you have to share - news, reminders, special offers, one-off events. Contact them all, or select by specific class, location or day they attend.

Need to email your teachers? You can do that too. And if it's something urgent then use the in-built SMS feature - great for last minute changes or cancellations.

Lorraine Razzell, membermeister customer since 2018

“ A Fantastic Product! ”

Membermeister has transformed our business and evolved with us as we have grown. It's so simple to use and everything is in one place.

Fantastic value for money - we could never go back to how we used to manage.

Emma Hitchman
Showcase Dance & Stage
membermeister customer since 2015

Look smart with a slick online registration form

Be more productive and enable new customers to conveniently register online - their details are automatically entered into your membermeister account where you can review them at your leisure.

Outdated paper forms and handwriting that is impossible to decipher is now a thing of the past.

Staff access and team management

You'll be surprised how much time you will save by offloading some work to your team and staff members.

With membermeister you can add new team members easily and tighten their access to suit your level of trust - you control who can log in and how much access they should have. Teachers will see their own classes; staff level access provides slightly more privileges; finance level access is ideal if someone needs to help you reconcile invoices or send reminders.

If a team member leaves you can simply revoke their access. You're in control right from the start.

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